Timeshare OPC Regulation Returns to US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands has passed a bill to legalize and regulate OPC activity in the Virgin Islands.

OPC, stands for off property contact, outside public contact, or off premises contact. Either way, the acronym refers to the timeshare sales individuals who approach you for the purpose of engaging you in a timeshare sales presentation. They typically make contact with you when you are shopping, sightseeing, walking through the lobby of your hotel, or otherwise enjoying your vacation time.

The new Amendment 29-627, attached to Bill 29-0114, will require all OPCs to obtain a business license through the US Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.  Follow this link to view more about the bill,  however, the bill itself is not the key to this action. Instead, it is specifically Amendment 29-627, which was attached.

Passing with a vote of 14 to 1 in favor of the bill, regulating OPC’s was an easy argument. Requiring licensing of OPC’s helps control the activity, generates tax revenue, perhaps creates jobs, and hopefully helps enhance an environment that is appealing to tourists and future tourism.

Until a few years ago, OPC licensing was actually required in the US Virgin Islands. Then a law was passed banning “street barking” which coincidentally did away with licensing for OPC’s. The notes attached to the amendment state, “The loss of a license to OPC has severely impacted the sale of timeshare.”

Governor de Jongh, is expected to sign the bill into law this week.