Obama in Orlando With Plans to Boost International Tourism

Disney Timeshare

With jobs and the economy on the forefront of many people’s minds, President Barack Obama picked a beautiful sunshiny day in Central Florida to stand in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and explain his vision and plans for boosting international tourism to the US.

The President’s midday press conference on Thursday began with a few jokes about Mickey Mouse and included his acknowledgement that the weather couldn’t be more perfect. He then touched on a variety of topics related to tourism job growth, focusing on the country’s current stringent policy for screening international tourists. The fact that the US makes it remarkably difficult for tourists from all but 36 countries to visit the US is an issue we have addressed here repeatedly on The Timeshare Authority blog. (see:Marriott Timeshare and Hotel Icon, Bill Marriott Criticizes Government Policy)

Stressing that it was possible to both keep America safe and make it easier for international tourists to visit the US, President Obama discussed specific options to make this happen. In the works are plans for how:

·         America can expand the current list of 36 preferred countries whose visitors are not required to obtain a visa in order to visit.
·         We can create a type of frequent visitor pass for those international tourists who would be willing to undergo an intense one-time background check but could then return more easily upon frequent visits; and
·         To dramatically ease the process for visitors from two target countries: Brazil and China, which both have rapidly growing economies, and emerging middle class that desires to travel, and have a demonstrated history of interest in vacationing in the US.

President Obama plans to sign an executive order to support these and other tourism enhancing initiatives.