Traveler Confidence Projections Good for Timeshares

Information collected in Travelocity’s annual Traveler Confidence Report shows 53 percent of those surveyed expect to travel more in 2012 than in 2011. News like this, although not specifically about vacation ownership is still good news for timeshares.

It seems people are not necessarily feeling more confident in the economy, perhaps just weary of cutting back, doing without, or facing another less-than-exciting ‘staycation’.

  • Travel plans for 2012 are up 18 percent over plans this time last year for 2011.
  • 79 percent of those who plan to travel expect to spend the same amount or more than they did in 2011 for airfare.
  • 66 percent of those who plan to travel expect to spend more money overall on the trip than they did in 2011.
  • 33 percent of those who plan to travel will try to hold their costs to 2011 spending levels by more aggressively shopping for travel bargains and taking greater advantage of travel deals.

And of these statistics, it is the last one that should have a real impact on timeshare sales, timeshare resales, and timeshare rentals. When travelers compare hotel prices, vacation rentals, and timeshare resales or rentals, time after time, timeshares win out.

Timeshares consistently offer more spacious accommodations, better prices—especially when you buy or rent timeshare on the resale market—and more resort amenities than do most hotels. Savvy consumers, looking to enjoy vacations in 2012 without breaking the bank will recognize the great values and excellent opportunities in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals. This recognition will be good for travel, consumers, the timeshare industry and good for timeshare owners looking to sell or rent timeshare on the secondary market.