Timeshare Secrets and the Secrets Behind Them

Search the internet on the topic of timeshare and you will find websites, blogs, and ads promising to share timeshare secrets with you. Whether these sites are offering to let you in on the secrets they say resort developers don’t want you to know, to share timeshare resale secrets, or to expose the secrets of the timeshare industry, they all operate on the assumption that consumers aren’t smart enough to think for themselves.

There is only one timeshare secret and it is: there are no timeshare secrets.

Ethical timeshare developers and timeshare resellers don’t have timeshare secrets. They want their owners and prospective owners to know as much about the timeshare product as possible. They want consumers to be educated on the opportunities of timeshare. They want long-term relationships with their clients and they know you cannot build those based on secrets, smoke and mirrors, or deception.

  • Buyers need to understand the vacation product they are buying before they buy timeshare.
  • Buyers need to understand the terms of their ownership and the benefits and requirements associated with it.
  • And most of all, timeshare buyers need to have this understanding BEFORE they make the decision to buy timeshare.

Like any other industry, there are companies that are ethical, others that are not so ethical, and some that simply should not be in business. But governmental agencies and the industry itself are working hard to strengthen and standardize guidelines for buying and selling timeshare. It is harder than ever for unethical companies to operate and it will continue to get even more difficult as new legislation is implemented and the industry itself raises its standards of accountability.

There are no timeshare secrets, only informed, knowledgeable buyers, sellers, and timeshare owners.