10 Good News Stats about Timeshare Vacations

LivingSocial recently conducted a survey of more than 4,000 Americans in the top 20 media markets and another 1,600 respondents in Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom about their experiences on vacation. The survey included those who vacation in hotels, hostels, timeshares, vacation rentals and other types of vacation accommodations.

Very few vacations, it seems, are perfect, and most vacationers have a few mishaps or horror stories to share. But, you may be surprised to learn how often things go right.

The Hotel and Timeshare Vacation Good News:

  1. 79 percent of Americans say their luggage has never been lost by the airlines.
  2. 79 percent had never experienced a vacation impacted by a weather disaster.
  3. 81 percent have not found themselves extremely lost during a holiday or vacation.
  4. 84 percent say they have not been overcharged by a salesperson during their travels.
  5. 84 percent say they have always made all their flights and connections when traveling on vacation.
  6. 89 percent of surveyed travelers say they have not experienced an injury, severe illness or medical emergency during a vacation.
  7. 92 percent of the vacationers surveyed say they have had sufficient cash and no problems accessing money as needed.
  8. 95 percent of the travelers surveyed say they have not encountered bedbugs.
  9. 97 percent say they have never been arrested or had a run-in with law enforcement while on vacation.
  10. And the statistic that is perhaps of the greatest interest to those of us in the business of timeshare and vacation ownership, 97 percent of the more than 4000 Americans surveyed say they have never been the victim of a scam while on vacation.

There is good news out there–there’s a lot of it–but it seems that all too often, it’s the bad news that gets the attention and grabs the headlines.