Timeshare Made Better Through Timeshare Exchange

There are two kinds of vacations. One involves returning to a familiar resort, year after year, where the memories of your family’s experiences at that timeshare resort are part of the vacation itself. You know what to pack, you know what to expect and you eliminate the decision making process, which for many people, allows their vacation to even be a holiday from travel planning. But what about the opportunities of timeshare exchange?

Most of us also long to sometimes travel, explore, and experience new surroundings. That’s why timeshare exchange can make vacation ownership more fun and more rewarding. This week, the American Resort Development Association, ARDA, through its consumer vacation information website, VacationBetter.org, shared tips on how to effectively use timeshare exchange.

Why Timeshare Exchange Makes Vacationing Better

Combining both timeshare exchange best practices and tips that are specifically relevant to Interval International (II) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI), the world’s two largest timeshare exchange services, VacationBetter.org offers a list of 6 ways you can improve your experience with the timeshare exchange process.

Starting with, perhaps the two most critical pieces of advice for timeshare exchange, “Deposit Early” and “Be Flexible,” the list will help you discover how to benefit from your timeshare in ways many timeshare owners never imagine.

As Gordon Gurnik, President of RCI, explains, “… owners can expand their vacation options from one resort during the same period each year to thousands of properties throughout all four seasons.”

You’ll find the complete list under the News Room tab on the VacationBetter website: Make the Most of Your Timeshare Vacation with Vacation Exchange Programs. There you will also find many helpful insights for timeshare owners and vacationers.