The Value of the One-Day Timeshare Holiday

One day timeshare vacation

If you can’t take a full week of vacation, is it really worth taking any time off at all?

This question plagues busy workers—especially American workers—who struggle with the challenge of fitting vacation time into their overloaded schedules. Most people find that between the demands of their job, perhaps those of their spouse’s job, too; their children’s schedules; and all the details of their daily grind; taking vacation time becomes harder and harder for them to do.

Timeshares Used to Be Part of the Problem

With the limitations on timeshare stays having previously been restricted to one- or two-week intervals only, timeshares used to be part of the problem, actually making this aspect of vacationing harder rather than easier for timeshare owners. But this is no longer the case.

Gone are the days when your timeshare vacation could only be enjoyed  in week-long intervals. Today most resorts permit a timeshare owner to break up his interval or points into vacations as brief as one night at a time. And timeshare exchange companies, like Interval International, that offer ShortStay Exchange® for its Interval Gold, Club Interval Gold, and Interval Platinum members, have added the single night option.

According to the article, “One-Day ShortStay, When Less is More,” published in Vacation Industry Review, “Study after study shows that vacationers—especially those in the United States—are increasingly taking days off one and two days at a time … Interval members, too, struggle with ‘time famine.’ ShortStay Exchange allows upgraded members to break their travel down into one-night increments.”

The more flexible timeshare ownership becomes, the stronger and more popular a product it will be. Because the simple truth is this: any time off any of us can work into our lives—even if it’s only for 24 hours at a time—is  better than taking no vacation at all.