Who is the Largest Timeshare Resort Manager?

Even if you think you know a lot about timeshares and vacation ownership, you might not be able to answer the question: Who is the largest timeshare resort manager?

The surprise answer is Interval International; surprising to many because people tend to think of II as one of the largest names in timeshare exchange and a provider of other types of vacation and travel services, but not as provider of resort management services. However, Interval International’s interest as a timeshare resort manager is growing at a remarkable pace; not by leaps and bounds but by leaps and acquisitions.

In February 2012, II purchased VRI, Vacation Resorts International.  As Craig Nash, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Interval Leisure Group explains, “With the acquisition of VRI and ILG’s (Interval Leisure Group) existing management interests, Interval Leisure Group becomes the largest independent provider of resort and homeowner association management services to the shared ownership industry. ILG companies now deliver these services to more than 180 timeshare resort and club locations and 325,000 owner families.”

Slightly more than a year earlier, in November of 2010, Interval International announced it had acquired all of the equity in Trading Places International. At that time, TPI was a California-based provider of timeshare exchange and leisure services to more than 300,000 vacation owners, including providing onsite property management at over 20 United States timeshare resorts located throughout the US mainland and Hawaii, as well as in Mexico.