Answers to the FAQs of Timeshare Rental

Timeshare rental vacation

When it comes to vacation rentals, you just cannot beat timeshares. You may have considered renting a private home, condo, or beach house directly from the owner, but as anyone who has ever been a victim of a home rental scam will tell you, there are considerable risks involved.

When you rent a private home, even if you use some of widely known names in home exchange and home rentals, you are gambling that the vacation accommodations you rent will match the photos the property owner provides you. And how do you know that the neighborhood in which you are renting is secure, or that simple services will be addressed should you need maintenance or repairs while you are vacationing there? With a private home rental, if the plumbing backs up or the air conditioner shuts down, you never know for sure that someone will arrive promptly to make repairs.

On the other hand, when you rent timeshare, you have none of these risks. Timeshare rentals are available at popular destinations, where the resort staff provides security, maintenance, and other services. If the plumbing in your timeshare rental springs a leak, chances are, there is another timeshare unit available there for you.

On our website, we describe renting timeshare as, “a win-win opportunity in which both the timeshare owner and the vacationer who rents the unit benefit from the transaction.”

Visit the site to read answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions about renting timeshare. And here are two of the most asked questions:

Why do timeshare owners rent timeshare at such deeply discounted prices?

No one ever plans to buy a timeshare and then fail to use it, but it happens. People’s schedules change, they relocate, become ill, or simply have too much on their plate to allow them to plan  their timeshare vacation. Yet whether or not they use their timeshare themselves, they still owe their annual maintenance fees and they may even be making monthly payments on their timeshare. To this owner, renting the timeshare for any amount, helps offset annual fees or other costs related to owning timeshare. Many timeshare owners will price drop their timeshare rental aggressively, to ensure that it gets rented.

Do I have to rent the whole timeshare interval? What if I want to stay only four nights, or even only two? Can I still rent timeshare?

While timeshare owners own their timeshare in intervals measured by weeks or by points, many owners are willing to rent timeshares incrementally. Again, their rationale is that any amount of money they make using their timeshare as a rental, is money they would not otherwise be receiving.

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