Good News for Tourism and Orlando Timeshares

Plan an Orlando timeshare vacation.

The final numbers are in for 2011, and Orlando, Florida set yet another new record for welcoming guests to the city. With 55.1 million visitors to Orlando in 2011, tourism was up 7.2 percent over 2010’s record setting number of 51.4 million, exceeding forecasts of 1.5 percent growth.

■ There were 51.3 domestic visitors to Orlando (for business or leisure) in 2011.

■ International visitors to Orlando in 2011 totaled 3.8 million.

■ Growth in domestic visitation to Orlando increased by 7.5 percent over 2010, setting the record for any US destination.

■ Orlando is the first destination in the country to welcome more than 55 million visitors and remains the most visited destination in the U.S.

Canadian visitors to Orlando represent the city’s number one international market, with a record setting 1 million tourists to Orlando in 2011.

Orange County (Orlando) Mayor, Teresa Jacobs, commended the tourism industry in the city, saying, “Our travel and tourism industry has led the way in creating new jobs over the past two years and from these numbers you can see why. I commend the industry and the companies that continue to invest their time and resources to keep Orlando top of mind with potential travelers. They continue to be the backbone of our community and we are happy to support their efforts.”

There are more Orlando timeshares than the number of timeshares at any other destination worldwide. With positive news like this, it is easy to understand why.