Sell Timeshare: Proof You Can Sell Your Timeshare

Sell My Timeshare Now, Offers to Buy Timeshare

With so many resources touting the message that you cannot sell timeshare, how does a timeshare owner who wants to resale his or her property know where to turn? 2012 has certainly been the year in which the mainstream media is stuck on a message that if you do sell timeshare you currently own, you will only receive a dollar, or perhaps a penny for the vacation ownership you paid thousands to buy.

What’s the truth  and how do timeshare owners know who to trust and who to believe when it comes time to sell timeshare they no longer want or use?

Sell My Timeshare NOW has been offering reliable timeshare resale and timeshare rental services for almost 10 years. We’ve seen timeshare resellers come and go in the marketplace. But our company has steadily moved ahead. We have grown our inventory, expanded our customer base, and expanded our services, as we continue to help more timeshare owners buy, rent, or sell timeshare on the secondary market.

See for Yourself that We Sell Timeshare

And you can see for yourself that we really do sell timeshare. We publish our daily business online on our website to prove it. Visit our Live Offer Feed. Here, 24/7 you can see the offers coming in to buy or sell timeshare through our websites.

In a live feed, you can see the Ad Number for every timeshare unit, interval or timeshare points we have advertised for sale or rent on which a buyer makes an offer. You’ll find the name of the resort and information that tells you whether this is an offer to rent timeshare or to buy timeshare.

On our live fee of Timeshare Offers, you will also find the amount of the offer and the day, hour, and minute the offer is being made. Many of the offers you see are the initial offer on a timeshare unit or interval, meaning that after negotiations either between the buyer and seller or between the timeshare broker and the buyer, the final offer accepted was higher.

Not only does our feed of  Timeshare Offers show you what is happening today, it also shows you week by week, this same offer information for every week since January 1, 2005, when we first began tracking our timeshare sales and rentals in this way.

Yes, you really can resell timeshare. See for yourself.