Timeshare Exchange with Trading Places International

Trading Places International - Timeshare Exchange

When it comes to timeshare exchange, Trading Places International is among the three biggest names in the business. Bringing more than thirty-five years of industry experience to their service, Trading Places International has helped thousands and thousands of families enjoy their timeshare and vacation ownership even more.

What makes Trading Places International so Special?

  • There is no mandatory annual membership fee to exchange your timeshare through TPI.
  • Owners can search the TPI inventory of available timeshare exchanges before they are required to deposit their own timeshare week.
  • With TPI, you have the option to upgrade to the Trading Places Vacation Exchange Club  and enjoy even greater discounts on vacation services along with many other benefits.
  • TPI has a 95 percent confirmed timeshare exchange rate.
  • As  a member of Trading Places International, you can take advantage of their online timeshare exchange services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Trading Places International is known for its reliability, speed, and affordable timeshare exchange services.

How simple is timeshare exchange with Trading Places International? Timeshare owners who create an account with TPI can search their inventory for available exchanges, and then deposit their usage week through online deposit. After that, just follow the simple steps to print your timeshare exchange confirmation and then start anticipating your great vacation. Remember, with TPI you don’t have to join to use the exchange services.

Trading Places Vacation Exchange Club Benefits:

While there are many rewards and perks associated with being a Trading Places Vacation Exchange Club member, a few of the favorites include a $30 discount on exchange service fees for every “week” and 25 percent off of Trading Places Hot Deal Getaways. Members also enjoy exclusive members-only resort privileges, the opportunity to sign up for a multi-year membership at an even greater savings, and much more.