Interval International Launches Mobile Coupons Campaign

Interval International timeshare exchange and vacation services has launched a new campaign created to help its members enjoy great discounts in an even more convenient way. Using mobile coupons from Entertainment Promotions, Interval International members can now “save on the go.”

Interval members in the timeshare exchange program’s upgraded programs can now use their smart phones to Interval International timeshare exchangebrowse and redeem Entertainment coupon offers. To take advantage of the mobile coupon discounts, Interval Gold® and Interval Platinum(SM) members need to first go to and download the appropriate app for their device (currently available are iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and iPad compatible apps). Members can download the app through their preferred app store, or  have the option to view the app on their browser from any smart phone at

Interval International members using the new app will want to filter offers based on their current GPS position or by manually entering a preferred location. Coupons included vary but include access to “up-to-50-percent-off” coupons, as well as buy-one-get-one-free Entertainment discounts, and may be used at Interval’s more than 60,000 participating restaurants, resorts,  hotels,  and retail outlets throughout the US and Canada.

Sharon Freed, Interval’s senior vice president of consumer marketing explains, “Our members have enjoyed access to a variety of savings through our long-term relationship with Entertainment Promotions. Access to mobile coupon redemption is an added convenience for those who are increasingly using Internet and mobile technology in every aspect of their lives.”

Jeanne Chapman, executive vice president of Entertainment Promotions Corporate Marketing Solutions, says, “With the addition of mobile coupons from Entertainment Promotions, Interval now makes it possible for its members to save anytime, anywhere and any way they want, especially when they travel.”

Interval International: Proof that the Future is Now

Representing a truly successful partnering, Interval International has been working with the Corporate Marketing Solutions division of Entertainment Promotions for nearly 20 years. Over that time, the ways in which these companies have served their clients have changed dramatically. Who could have imagined when holding one of Entertainment’s familiar coupon books only a few years ago, how far the potential for rewarding clients and consumers would come?

In a recent article for The Resort Trades, titled: New Commerce and the Timeshare Buyer, I talked about:

M-commerce (buying on a mobile device) and to a lesser degree, t-commerce (buying on a tablet device), gives consumers the capability to simultaneously interact with a business both in person and online. Buyers can use online coupons, tickets, and discounts directly from their phone at an event, service location, or storefront. The potential to deliver targeted coupons and invitations to consumers because the consumer’s mobile phone has communicated that he or she is in the neighborhood of your resort is not futuristic stuff; it is already a reality.

Interval is just one of several forward thinking industry leaders in timeshare and vacation ownership that is proving that the future is here for those companies that are ready to step up and be part of it now.