US Timeshare Industry Boosted Economy by Estimated $70 Billion

This week, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) released a study showing that the US timeshare industry contributed an estimated $70 billion in consumer and business spending in 2011 to the national economy.

The direct, indirect, and fiscal impact of $70 billion in consumer and business spending translates to:

• 493,000 full- and part-time jobsTimeshares contribute billions to US economy
• $23 billion in salaries and wages
• and $7.7 billion in tax revenue

The positive effects of the US timeshare and vacation ownership industry not only reaches beyond resort revenues into other areas of timesharing but also spreads to other industries and a diversity of vendors, including, but not limited to sales, marketing, advertising, construction, renovation, furnishings, food service, and operations.

Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA, says, “With the easing of capital markets and pent up demand for travel and family vacations, sales are beginning to increase once again. The $6.5 billion timeshare industry is making a major impact on local economies throughout the country. It’s encouraging to see these numbers – we aren’t just bringing people a better way to vacation, we are making a serious bottom-line economic impact.”

A Closer Look at US Timeshares

Overall, there are some 194,200 US timeshare units at 1548 vacation ownership resorts. During their timeshare vacations, owners and guests spent roughly $1.5 billion while at the resorts and another $7.8 billion off property, in the town or city where the US timeshare is located.

The impact of timeshare vacationers is felt in beneficial ways in a community in restaurants, museums, attractions, shops, and entertainment venues. And let’s face it, timeshare vacationers are typically vacationing families or couples, the type of fun but respectful, law abiding visitors whose presence in a community is welcomed every time they visit.

You can click here to read the full media release by the American Resort Development Association. And to obtain a copy of the study conducted by Ernst & Young, contact [email protected].