NBC Travel Looks at the Pros and Cons of Timeshare Ownership

A balanced look at timeshare ownership
A balanced look at timeshare ownership

Andrew Housser, financial expert, entrepreneur, and cofounder of the Freedom Financial Network and of Bills.com, wrote an interesting and informative article for NBC Travel that appeared on KNDO.com. In the article, titled, The Pros and Cons of Timeshare Ownership, Housser took a fair and unbiased look at vacation ownership.

Impartial assessments of timeshare ownership written by financial experts don’t come along as often as they should, so we want to draw your attention to this article. In it, Housser leads by saying that vacation ownership can provide guaranteed vacation accommodations at national and even international destinations. He also points out that timeshares can be a legacy item that a parent passes on to his or her children, grandchildren, or other family member or friend.

Housser then goes on to list five benefits of timeshare ownership and five negatives about timeshare ownership … and all ten points are valid depending upon a potential timeshare buyer’s personal situation.

Timeshare Ownership is Right for Many Vacationers

Timeshare is not right for everyone, but it is right for a lot of people. Sometimes vacationers don’t realize they would enjoy timeshare ownership; they simply don’t know enough about it to make a sound decision. Other consumers have been confused by the sea of misinformation that is propagated by both timeshare scammers along with well-intentioned writers, financial advisors, and consumer advocates who may know just enough about timeshare ownership to present a very misleading picture.

Not the case with Housser’s article. It’s pretty much spot on. Most importantly, Andrew Housser not only cites the potential for timeshare ownership to be a way to save money, he even goes so far as to look at how buying a timeshare could be a potential moneymaker, and points out the opportunities in timeshare resales.

Is he only pro-timeshare? No, Housser is very balanced in the points he makes, pointing out that timeshares rarely if ever appreciate, explaining,  “In fact, it’s (timeshare is) more like a car in that its value often depreciates.”

He also points out the fact that reselling can be a challenge, and that timeshare ownership ties up money you might be using in other ways. Overall, it is one of the most evenhanded, informative discussions of vacation ownership we’ve read in a long time.

And if you are interested in timeshare ownership, we hope you’ll read it too. The complete article presently is available here: http://www.kndo.com/story/19099843/the-pros-and-cons-of-timeshare-ownership