Answers to FAQ about Disney Timeshare and Annual Passes at the Disney Parks

One of the many benefits of owning Disney timeshare is that as a member of the Disney Vacation Club you have select privileges that typically include discounts at the Disney theme parks, and also apply to Disney theme Walt Disney World Magic Kingdomparks other than the one at which your timeshare is located.

Vacationers sometimes assume that to enjoy the Disney resorts you are required to buy a theme park ticket. This is not true. At each of the Disney parks there are areas that are open to anyone, without the requirement that you own a Disney timeshare and without the requirement that you buy an admission ticket to the theme parks. While your options vary from park to park, areas open to the public typically include the restaurants located outside the parks but on Disney property (such as those in most of the Disney hotels); common areas of the hotels; many of the sports activities, including tennis, biking, horseback riding, and golf; certain shopping areas; the spas at most resorts; and even some of the special events.

However in general, when you are enjoying your Disney Vacation Club timeshare, your plans will also include time spent at the parks themselves. That’s why Disney includes special discounts on annual park passes for its DVC Members.

Although these privileges are subject to change, here is current information on park pass perks for Disney Timeshare owners.

  • If you own Disney timeshare, whether you bought it new or as a timeshare resale, you are eligible for annual pass discounts for yourself and your immediate family residing in your household. To take advantage of these perks, the person purchasing the discounted park passes must present a Disney Vacation Club member ID card. Also, all adults for whom tickets are being purchased must present their driver license or state ID card showing that they reside at the same physical address as the DVC member buying the tickets. Immediate family includes the DVC members’ spouse or registered domestic partners; parent; stepparent; child; stepchild; mother or father-in-law;  brother; sister; stepbrother; stepsister; grandparent; or grandchild.
  • You may not transfer your discount to another person.
  • You can buy your discounted annual park passes at the ticket store for the park, by calling the park’s 800 number, or by contacting Guest Relations at any of the parks.
  • Disney also may offer renewal savings on your discounted park pass, which you can learn about through Disney Vacation Club Member Services at 1-800-800-9800. Restrictions may apply.
  • Your DVC member discount may not be applied in conjunction with other discounts, such as a Florida resident discount.

Disney Timeshare Opens Doors to New Experiences

The Disney resorts are so much more than the theme parks themselves, but many park visitors never get beyond Space Mountain or the Pirates of the Caribbean. One of the seemingly endless advantages of owing Disney timeshare is that it changes the pace of your Disney experience. Instead of going to the parks as most park guests do, in a once-a-year visit that starts at park opening and ends with the fireworks, DVC members can enjoy a less intense experience that doesn’t involve trying to cram everything into one day. By doing this, you have the opportunity to discover that Disney vacations are so much more than the parks themselves with activities and entertainment  for all interests and ages, adding new dimension to every Disney vacation you enjoy.