Bolt for Jamaica Timeshare Vacations

Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort
Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach                       and Villa Resort

For Usain Bolt, the 2012 Summer Olympics means winning two more gold medals and becoming the first runner to win Olympic gold in the 100- and 200-meter sprints in consecutive Olympics. The Olympics are also an opportunity for anyone who wasn’t already a fan to fall in love with Bolt’s outgoing personality. Bolt’s celebrated Olympic success also provided Twitter a chance to “bolt” into new territory, with more than 80,000 tweets per minute (TPM) sent when Bolt won gold. Likewise, the Jamaican Minister of Tourism is betting that Jamaican timeshares, hotels, and vacation resorts will be reaping rewards from Bolt’s historic achievement as well.

And why not, you have to think if Bolt is representative of the warmth and friendliness of the Jamaican people, the Caribbean Island destination is bound to be a delightful place to plan a beachside vacation. Minister of Tourism Wykeham McNeill believes Bolt’s success elevates him to the same type of iconic status as that of Jamaica’s late Bob Marley. Explains McNeill, “The impact of his sprinting will have an effect on the island for many years to come and will help Jamaica attract more and more sports travel tourists. The interest that has already been created by our sprint legends throughout the years has now come to a crescendo with Usain Bolt’s unique defence of the titles.”

Jamaican Timeshare, a Beautiful Destination in Transition

Jamaican timeshare laws are either flawed or nonexistent. ARDA and others have been working hard to assist Jamaican lawmakers in drafting functional new Jamaican timeshare laws that would encourage development while protecting both the cultural integrity of the island and the consumers who become Jamaican timeshare owners.

Last January, American Resort Development Association Treasurer and industry expert, Robert Webb, told The Jamaica Gleaner, “My ARDA colleagues and I encouraged the (Jamaican) Government to design a realistic timeshare law that would facilitate the conversion of hotel rooms into timeshare units, and we offered our assistance in helping to draft such a law. That offer still stands.”

While companies such as ours have limited Jamaica timeshare resales or timeshare rentals available, when the laws are changed, timeshare buyer who act fast will likely be making a smart move. With Jamaica’s friendly, inviting culture, it’s beautiful beaches, and its laid back lifestyle, Jamaican vacation ownership is sure to be enticing to many, many vacationers.

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