C.A.R.E. Timeshare Conference Announces Keynote Speaker

Dan Thurmon Speaker at CARE Conference
Dan Thurmon Speaker at CARE Conference

Dan Thurmon of Motivation Works, Inc., will present the keynote session at the upcoming C.A.R.E. Timeshare Conference scheduled for September 22 – 25, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thurmon’s presentation will be “Off Balance On Purpose,” and is designed to help timeshare and vacation ownership professionals attending the conference learn how to succeed in today’s challenging business climate while sustaining the commitment to grow personally and professionally. He is a Peak Performance Coach and the author of the book, also called, Off Balance on Purpose.

Here are three important precepts we’ll share from Dan Thurmon, who believes it is critical you learn to thrive, even when you are “off balance”:

1. You will never achieve perfect balance. You are in a constant state of being off balance, making adjustments in one area of life that affect other areas of your life.

2. Being “Off Balance” is the desired method of operation. Off balance is how you accomplish goals, learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference to others.

3. “On Purpose” has two very important meanings: First, your actions must be intentional and deliberate. This means taking responsibility for what you do and making conscious choices about how you will invest your precious resources of time, energy, and money. Secondly “On Purpose” means that your decisions and actions are directly linked to your values, beliefs, mission, and goals. Instead of living a life of activity, you need to start building a “pattern of action” that comes from the very core of who you are.

How Can You Be Part of the C.A.R.E. Timeshare Conference?

The convention site for the C.A.R.E. Timeshare Fall Conference will be the Radisson Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. You can visit “Current Conference” at www.Care-online.org for more conference information and to register online.

C.A.R.E. President, Alain Carr, explains just one of the reasons you don’t want to miss the Fall Conference,“I love Dan Thurmon’s presentation. We are all forced to being multi-taskers in our lives, and it can be stressful just thinking about how to manage everything. Dan offers some fun and even exciting visual tools that not only help you believe you can manage better, they help you lean forward, welcome challenges and strive for more.”