Top 100 Timeshare Resales and Rentals List Available Now

Top 100 Timeshare Rentals 2012
Top 100 Timeshare Resales and Rentals reports both available now.

It’s that time again… time to look at the Top 100 timeshare resales and timeshare rentals at Sell My Timeshare NOW and These popular timeshares earned their place on the Top 100 list based on the number of offers to buy  or offers to rent received through our company’s websites. The list is always insightful because it shows which timeshares consumers are most interested in for their upcoming vacations.

We make the full 100 timeshare resales and 100 timeshare rentals lists available to you to download as a PDF. You can download them here (we don’t even ask for your email address in return):



In upcoming days we will be looking more closely at some of the timeshare resorts that made the lists and some of the trends in timeshare resales and rentals. With more than 115,192 offers to purchase or rent timeshares last year thorough our company’s websites, at over 2,400 different resorts, it’s clear that consumers like the convenience of buying or renting timeshare online, enjoy the spacious accommodations at great resorts, and love the competitive prices of timeshare on the secondary market.

But there’s another important side to timeshare resales beyond the excellent value they afford vacationers. When a timeshare owner who no longer wants to own his or her timeshare, sells that ownership, whether it is deeded timeshare or timeshare points, the property is now in the hands of an enthusiastic new owner who has done the research before buying and knows both the benefits and the commits of vacation ownership. Resorts and HOAs are stabilized with new owners who are enthusiastic about the product and who anticipate paying their annual fees on time and regularly utilizing their timeshare.

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