TATOC European Timeshare Association Registers Trademark

The European timeshare association, TATOC, has officially trademarked its name and corresponding logo.

Harry Taylor of TATOC European Timeshare Association
Harry Taylor of TATOC European Timeshare Association

The action by TATOC communicates much about today’s vacation ownership business environment, some of it positive, some of it reflecting changes we must all work toward in the timeshare business culture.

TATOC’s action, to expend the time, money, and effort in registering its trademark, identifies that the association is brand-aware and in tune with consumer expectations that organizations refine and promote their brands. When a brand for goods or service is clearly defined, consumers have a much easier time distinguishing what a brand stands for and whether or not they want to be affiliated with it.

Like the old saying, “good fences make good neighbors,” brand differentiation creates parameters for what to expect from a brand and gives those who support the brand confidence that they not only are dealing with a brand with which they are comfortable, but that the brand will continue to perform/serve/ deliver at no less than that same level of quality or service currently associated with it.

Why TATOC European Timeshare Association is Registering its Trademark Now

But then, there’s another reason companies and organizations are driven to register or protect their name and their logos and that involves the unsavory side of business and the issue of brand infringement. As Harry Taylor explains, “In the past few months the TATOC logo has been used without our permission by a number of organisations. By registering the name and logo as a trademark we hope to prevent this and it makes it easier for us to take legal action should they continue. We will not hesitate to take action against companies who use the TATOC name and logo without written authorisation. Trading Standards and the police will also now be able to bring criminal charges against counterfeiters who are trying to scam people using our good name and reputation.”

Registering TATOC as its trademark gives the European timeshare association the exclusive right to use the mark in the United Kingdom and Europe. TATOC is currently undergoing trademark registration in the US.

TATOC members and affiliates will receive a link to a webpage where the updated logos can be downloaded in formats suitable for print or online publication. You may also contact Emily Collins ([email protected]) or Mark Caldicott ([email protected]) for the link to the webpage to download the logos.