Last Loyalty Day of 2012 for Festiva Timeshare Adventure Club

Festiva Timeshare Adventure Club

The final Loyalty Day of 2012 for Festiva timeshare owners will be September 14. Each year, the Festiva Adventure Club offers Loyalty Days for its VIP members. On this special day, VIP Members can  book discounted, exclusive package vacations to further extend the benefits and usage of their membership.

Festiva timeshare loyalty status and additional benefits are determined based on the number of points an owner receives in each allotment

  • Adventure Club members who have a minimum of 8,000 points are Ambassador Loyalty members.
  • President members have a minimum of 12,000 Festiva timeshare points.
  • Chairman members receive 15,000 Festiva timeshare points or more in each allotment.

Booking Your Festiva Timeshare Loyalty Day Experience

Festiva loyalty members can book as many packages as their timeshare points permit, including reservation specials for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013. Festiva Adventure Club believes that Loyalty Day adds unique and beneficial opportunities for Festiva loyalty members.

Earlier this year, the Festiva timeshare Loyalty Day gave members the opportunity to enjoy exclusive vacation experiences at Williamsburg, Virginia; Las Vegas, Nevada; Panama City, Florida, and the Manhattan Club in New York City. Loyalty Day opportunities are announced only via e-mail. To receive the e-mail, you must pre-register your account with the Festiva Member Portal by September 6 at 11:59 PM.

You will need your Owner Identification Number and Validation Key in order to register. If you have lost this information, call the Festiva Timeshare Member Services line or e-mail members services at  [email protected]. The available destinations will be featured resorts that are not part of the Festiva family of resorts.

Once members are registered, they will receive all upcoming Loyalty Day specials on September 7, 2012. Requests for Loyalty Day experiences are only taken by phone and only on September 14, which means you have a week after you receive the list of specials to think, plan, dream, and decide on which opportunity or opportunities you will choose. But if you want to enjoy these special experiences, come September 14 you must act. Festiva timeshare will accept your Loyalty Day reservations starting at 8 AM up through 5:30 PM on that one day only. Availability is limited and bookings are made on a first come, first serve basis. Read more on the Festiva timeshare blog.

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