5 Reasons to Enjoy a Disney Timeshare Vacation this Fall

Disney timeshare vacations mean seasonal fun.
Disney timeshare vacations mean seasonal fun.

Last week, I was reading comments on a message board that is for Disney Vacation Club Owners or as DVC calls them, “Club Members”. The Disney timeshare message board was not part of Disney Vacation Club’s website nor was it a part of our company’s network of websites and we have no affiliation with it. I was just there reading the comments like any other website visitor.

One person posted a question, asking, “What are the pros and cons of buying Disney timeshare?” Interestingly, many members of the forum replied but all said more or less the same thing: there is no downside to owning Disney timeshare.

Here at SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and VacationOwnership.com, we have had a similar experience with Disney timeshare owners. While members may sometimes need to resell their DVC timeshare, it is rarely because they are dissatisfied with it. More often than not, these DVC owners have simply had a lifestyle change, such as illness, divorce, job relocation, or other similar reason that motivates them to sell their Disney timeshare.

Your Disney Timeshare Fall Vacation

While there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of reasons to love Disney timeshare, here are 5 of those reasons to enjoy a Disney timeshare vacation right now:

  • All of the Disney Vacation Club resorts are year-round destinations, with events and activities to entertain you and your family in every season of the year.
  • September is typically one of the slowest months for tourism travel. Families are often just getting the kids back into the swing of school and organized sports activities and are less likely to take their children out of school for a vacation early in the school year. Also, since most of the Disney timeshare resorts are located in Florida or coastal South Carolina, many travelers have apprehensions about vacationing in a month when hurricanes—if they are going to happen—are more likely to impact the weather. The good news is that crowds are smaller and lines are shorter when you vacation in September, almost anywhere you choose to go.
  • Whether you are vacationing at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort; Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas; Disney’s Vero Beach Resort; The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa; or any of the Disney Orlando timeshares, you’ll find the summer temperatures beginning to cool down, especially as the calendar gets closer to October. Yet in all of those destinations you will still be enjoying weather that feels like a summer vacation.
  • Fun seasonal activities abound in the Disney theme parks. Both Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida celebrate Halloween with Mickey’s Halloween Party (in Orlando, it is called Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party) with events starting in September, although the Orlando celebration begins Sept 11, while in Anaheim the Halloween fun doesn’t get underway until September 28. In Orlando, you can also enjoy “Night of Joy,” a contemporary Christian music festival and the Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival.
  • And reason five, might be the most important reason of all to enjoy a Disney timeshare vacation right now. If you are reading this list, then we already know that a little more summer vacation time sounds good to you. If you missed out on vacationing in Summer 2012 or you just need one more vacation “fix” before the cold weather starts to creep in, then why not spend it at the timeshare vacation destination where the owners say, “There are no negatives to being a Disney Vacation Club member.”