Timeshare Resales Help You Escape from the Staycation

Timeshare Resales, the Best Value in Vacations
Timeshare Resales, the Best Value in Vacations

According to a new Rasmussen Reports study, slightly more Americans took a summer vacation this year than those vacationing last year. The study revealed that 39 percent of American adults took a summer vacation in 2012, up from 33 percent in 2011. Of those surveyed, fewer people cited  economic conditions as a reason to spend less on vacationing. The percentage of those travelers who where vacationing in timeshare resales is not specified in this study, yet we do know that occupancy rates for timeshares consistently outmatch those of hotels.

Peter Yesawich, vice chairman of MMGY Global observes, “It’s not like everyone’s financial situation has improved, but people went through a series of three or four years of paring back on expenses. We are now seeing for the first time that mentality abate.”

People have grown tired of working without a real vacation, tired of staying home and pretending it’s a holiday to cook hotdogs in the back yard, and tired of being tired without a true vacation to help them restore their passion for life, work, family, and their daily responsibilities. The dreaded “staycation” may not quite be dead, but it is surely on life support

A study done by marketing and research firms MMGY Global and Harrison Group found:

  • 26 percent of vacationers said they prefer luxury hotels and resorts this year compared with 15 percent in 2011.
  • The number of travelers who are concerned with cost cutting has declined and  34 percent of vacationers choose first the destination of their trip, compared to 18 percent first set a budget.
  • AAA reports that automobile travel volume over Labor Day weekend 2012 was 3 percent higher than it was last year.

Why Spend More When There is so Much Value in Timeshare Resales?

The MMGY Global and Harrison Group survey found that the average amount spent on vacations over the last 12 months was $4,461, compared with an expenditure of $3,874 during the same period two years ago. But in today’s economy, there are many families that understandably just can’t—no matter how badly they need the vacation—commit $4500 to one holiday.

That’s where timeshare resales come in as a huge problem solver and budget minder. Recognizing that travel accommodations are typically the biggest chunk in any vacation budget, you may be spending a lot more money than you need to if you have never considered a timeshare resale as an affordable vacation option. For less than most vacationers are spending on hotel rooms, you could become a timeshare resale owner at a luxurious resort, providing you years of future vacations for literally the same amount you may be spending on one trip. With your

Check it out. Timeshare resales are a great option to help you avoid stay-cations forever!