RCI Timeshare Exchange Brings Train Travel Option to Vacation Ownership

RCI Timeshare Exchange adds new train travel option
RCI Timeshare Exchange adds new train travel option

Once again RCI timeshare exchange has found a way to make vacation ownership even better. Now Resort Condominiums International (RCI timeshare exchange) is adding unique train accommodations as a travel opportunity for its members. (Read RCI’s full media release here: RCI® Brings America’s Trains Inc. Aboard, Adding Unique Train Accommodation Option for Members)

RCI, working in affiliation with America’s Trains Inc., will offer week-long train travel vacations featuring accommodations in luxurious sleeping cars, offering private bedrooms and bathrooms. The trains also feature dining cars, activity cars with lounges, bars, entertainment, dance floors and other features to make the trip even more exciting.

Gordon Gurnik, President RCI, explains, “Our affiliation with America’s Trains adds a unique vacation option for our members, adding even more variety to the types of accommodations we offer. The luxury train accommodations provide an unforgettable vacation, during which members can travel across the United States and into Canada with stopovers at several cities, giving them the romantic ambience of days gone by while living on board their luxurious rail cars.”

RCI Timeshare Exchange Traveling in New Directions

Over the years, timeshare owners have had opportunities to enjoy unique experiences beyond the pleasures of vacationing in timeshare condos and villas. Tree house timeshare and house boat timeshare vacations are among the more unique vacation ownership opportunities, but the train travel experience provided by RCI timeshare exchange is a distinctive first.

The new train travel vacation options will include an American tour to the four corners of the US. The initial travel offering will be an adventure that goes from Florida into Canada, with stops at Miami, Orlando, several southern coastal cities, Boston, Toronto, and Montreal.

Later train travel experiences will include tours that visit Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Reno, the Grand Canyon, Fort Worth and New Orleans, with other stops along the way.

The train travel experience offered through RCI timeshare exchange will begin in 2013.