Hilton Timeshare Looks at What Vacationing Families Really Want

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The most recent blue paper published by Hilton Hotels and Hilton Timeshare Resorts, “Resort Travel Trends: What Families Want,” reveals a great deal about the vacation patterns and preferences of families with children. And it’s no surprise, that when it comes to vacationing, Mom is key in making everything come together.

The Hilton Hotels and Hilton Timeshare Resorts report points out that consumer confidence is rising and families are again planning longer vacations and traveling further from home. As the report reveals, much of the vacation planning falls to Mom, described as “the family agent – researching travel options and seeking advice from trusted sources (including friends and family) before booking a family vacation.”

Here are other key findings from the Hilton Hotels and Hilton Timeshare Resorts report about the way the American family likes to vacation:

  • The favorite time to start vacation planning is during the post-Christmas holiday season, or just after tax time in April. Families who wait to the last minute to plan do so either because they are unsure of schedules and time off or uncertain of the family budget.
  • Pools and water activities rank as the top amenities for both parents and children although children want them for active use while parents are often drawn to the opportunity to relax poolside.
  • Timeshare resorts and hotels offering kids programs (which many timeshares do) is also near the top of the list for families. These programs offer safe, fun, age-appropriate activities for children while giving parents a chance to relax and have a little time alone.
  • The spacious accommodations afforded by timeshare are another top-of-the-list family favorite. In the case of hotels, this extra space translates to a preference for adjoining rooms.
  • All-inclusive resorts seem to also be gaining in popularity with 92 percent of US parents and 95 percent of UK parents at least “somewhat interested” in this resort vacation option.
Overall, it seems that Hilton timeshares offer exactly what most families are seeking: poolside fun, space to relax, easy vacation planning, and activities geared for the whole family, all wrapped up in a beautiful resort at a desirable location.

Research in the report was commissioned by the company’s flagship brand of Hilton Worldwide. You can download the full report at the Hilton Global Media Center.