Why California Timeshare May Be a Better Choice than a European Holiday

Plan a California timeshare vacation
Plan a California timeshare vacation

Earlier this month, Yahoo Travel ran an interesting article called, Are You an Ugly American? In it, the writer offered 10 insightful tips for how to avoid offending others and blend in better with local cultures when you travel. Among the points covered was one that had to do with expectations about your sleeping arrangements, mattress, and bedding. If you seriously look at the differences in how Americans view the necessities for a good night’s sleep, vs. the viewpoints of people in many other cultures, you may find that a California timeshare sounds more appealing to you than a dream vacation to Europe.

When it comes to travel, it seems, no one really does bedding the way Americans like to sleep quite as well as do American resorts. In many parts of the world, beds are smaller than American mattress sizes, with hotel rooms often offering either separated twin beds or twin beds pushed together.

As the Yahoo Travel article explains so well:

“So here’s a dose of reality in travel: If you favor a king-sized mattress topped with a feather mattress and a down-filled duvet, plus a deep-soaking Jacuzzi tub big enough for two, a separate, glassed-in shower with a marble bench seat and a second shower in the garden, there’s a great country you can visit: California.”

European Holiday or a California Timeshare?

We are not suggesting you forgo a European holiday in favor of a California timeshare vacation. Nothing beats the experience of the history, art, architecture, food, and vibrant culture of each distinctive country in Europe. And with many US-based timeshare brands well represented among European vacation ownership, there are certainly great accommodations throughout Europe that parallel their US counterparts.

But the point made by Yahoo Travel is well taken. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday that offers both a change of pace and all the creature comforts you expect presented in a way that looks and feels like the American ideal of luxury and relaxing comfort… well, for a vacation like that, you might be happiest to simply choose a California timeshare or any other spacious, amenity-loaded timeshare resort here in the USA.