Which Timeshare Resorts are Making the World a Little Greener?

Timeshare Resorts are Making the World a Little Greener
Timeshare Resorts are Making the World a Little Greener

Today’s post is the third in a series The Timeshare Authority blog has shared on the proactive, environmentally responsible actions being taken by timeshare resorts and branded hospitality providers who offer vacation ownership options. Although we’ve already looked at actions in place by Holiday Inn Club Vacations, RCI, and Marriott Vacation Club, there are still many other timeshare resorts with innovative practices that are helping keep our environment greener and cleaner.

Grand Pacific Resort Management (GPRM), is a California-based vacation ownership management company, with 15 timeshare resorts and more than 50,000 owner families in the US and Canada. GPRM has created a group that is dedicated to a culture of environmental responsibility.

With the support of this group known as the “Going Green Squad,” several of the Grand Pacific Resort Management timeshare resorts have not only made very environmentally conscious efforts, but they have done so in creative ways. The Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort timeshare collected a thousand plastic bottles destined for landfills and contributed them to artists who created a ten foot by ten foot portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Following a fire at the Grand Pacific Resort Management Mountain Retreat resort that damaged the property’s clubhouse, GPRM made a commitment to restore the space using environmentally friendly updates such as double pane windows and motion sensors to control lights, heating, and cooling use.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership Timeshare Resorts

In an ongoing commitment known as, Wyndham Green, Wyndham Vacation Ownership timeshare resorts supports the Arbor Day Foundation. Committed to serving Arbor Day Coffee, which is organically grown under the canopy of the rainforest, each cup preserves precious resources and ensures indigenous farmers earn a fair wage and have access to healthcare and education. Wyndham Vacation Ownership timeshare resorts have purchased 280,000 pounds of Arbor Day Coffee and as a result, have saved over 28 million square feet of rainforest.

Other initiatives by Wyndham Vacation Ownership timeshare resorts include the use of
Eartherapy brand soaps and shampoo amenities, an environmentally responsible company that uses packaging that fully biodegrades into water and dust when it comes in contact with soil for a period of three to five years, taking less than four percent of the time to degrade than does traditional plastic packaging.

Bluegreen Vacations Timeshare Resorts

Bluegreen Wilderness Club at Big Cedar is a participating property in the Clean the World effort (learn more about Clean the World in Thursday’s blog: Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare is Leading the Way on Green Initiatives).In addition to the Bluegreen Hammocks at Marathon timeshare having monthly employee meetings to emphasize environmental policies, Bluegreen Vacations timeshare resorts use recycled materials in many of their properties and offer guest rooms equipped with a master switch to cut a timeshare unit’s power when not in use.

To read more about these and other proactive, environmentally friendly endeavors of timeshare resorts, go to the ARDA Insights Blog.