Timeshare Exchange Just Got Even Easier

Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange
Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange

You know numbers 1 and 2, but who is number 3 in timeshare exchange? Most people who know and love timeshare recognize that the two biggest companies in timeshare exchange are RCI and II, which stands for Interval International. But people don’t always realize that not only is Dial An Exchange the third largest timeshare exchange company, but that among privately owned vacation ownership and timeshare exchange companies, Dial An Exchange is the world’s largest.

Now Dial An Exchange is launching additional new benefits for its members. Already, Dial An Exchange offers its members a level of membership that is available without charge. Now the timeshare exchange company will allow all its members to list a holiday (vacation) request and pay no fee. This means all members can now place a request for any destination on the company’s website for no upfront fee and when a week that matches their vacation request week is deposited into Dial An Exchange’s holiday pool, the member longing to vacation on that date and location is then alerted by email.

More New Benefits for Timeshare Exchange through Dial An Exchange

In addition to this new benefit for all members, the timeshare exchange company is adding perks to its paid membership level, Gold Advantage. Now, Dial An Exchange’s Gold Advantage service allows members to list unlimited numbers of priority holiday requests, putting them at the front of thequeue for their choice of timeshare resorts and destinations.

Gold Advantage members also have the option to place weeks on a status of “on hold for,” eliminating the need for them to monitor their emails for available weeks.

The full list of benefits for Gold Advantage Service members includes:

• £30 off a Gift Card Purchase

• 10 percent off resort and Dial An Exchange Options rentals

• 50 percent off Credit Extension, for credits you have not managed to spend

• A range of special offers such as £40 off any exchange to Thailand, India or China

• Any all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Dominican Republic costs £29. A saving of £70!

• Exclusive hold facility for holiday requests – when we find a match, we’ll hold it and phone, email or text. So no need to check availability – we’ll do the work

• Free name changes on bookings

• Unlimited priority holiday requests

Dial An Exchange, managing director Europe, Oliver Green explains, “We’re really pleased to further extend benefits to all our members, plus we are enhancing our services to Gold Advantage customers and offering them a fantastic range of discounts.

“The beauty of Dial An Exchange is that we have no complicated trading power rules or resort tables. We make life simple for our members, our holidays are available worldwide, online and are a simple week for a week exchange.”

For more information about these new features and all the benefits of timeshare exchange through Dial An Exchange, visit www.dialanexchange.com