Demand for Hawaii Timeshare Expected to Increase

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Buy or Rent Hawaii Timeshare Resales for a Song

In recent years, timeshares across the US, haven’t experienced a healthy period of growth—except in Hawaii. Hawaii timeshares are trending up these days with 1436 new Hawaii timeshare units having been built (or on schedule to be built) between 2011 and the end of 2013. Remarkably, there is even the potential for as many as 2,336 additional units to be constructed.

American Resort Development Association CEO and president, Howard C. Nusbaum says that Hawaii timeshares fared better than most from 2007 to 2009 and last year experienced an occupancy rate of 87 percent, compared to the nationwide timeshare occupancy rate, which was 78.9 percent.

Joseph Toy, president and CEO of Hospitality Advisors LLC says there is a backlog, what he calls a “pent-up demand for travel.” Toy explains, “Now that the economics seem to be strengthening, I’m sure that there will be an uptick in time-share development and buying.”

As ARDA’s Howard Nusbaum points out, “Two kinds of people buy in Hawaii  those who love Hawaii and those who are timeshare devotees who realize it’s a powerful exchange. Having Hawaii is like having Boardwalk and Park Place in a Monopoly game.”

Dave and Jeannine Funk of Reno, Nevada are a perfect example of today’s Hawaii timeshare owner. They purchased a Hawaii timeshare at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in 2010. At that point, the state of the timeshare market was what many described as, “in recovery.”

Jeannine says, “We come at least once a year to Hawaii, sometimes twice. We’d been coming to Hawaii for 40 years, so buying a timeshare just made sense.”

The truth is, buying Hawaii timeshare makes sense for many vacationers, as does buying a timeshare resale anywhere you enjoy vacationing and visit regularly.