Marriott Vacation Club and 101 Seconds to Relax

Maybe you are sitting at your desk or perhaps waiting in line somewhere. You can feel that tightness that creeps in between your shoulder blades from time to time and your second cup of coffee has already worn off. There’s work, family, bills, and all the “stuff” that makes up life. So take a moment and watch this video. Marriott Vacation Club ought to call it “101 Seconds to Stress Relief.” When a video about a timeshare vacation is this relaxing, imagine how much you would chill out and unwind if you actually scheduled a Marriott timeshare vacation getaway.

Called simply, “Marriott Vacation Club – Island Vacations,” this 1 minute, 41 second video shows you exactly why you want (and probably need) a Marriott timeshare vacation. Beautifully presented, the video never mentions the spacious rooms or deluxe amenities you’ll find at a Marriott Vacation Club resort. There is no need to even tell you how wonderful the resorts are because the tranquility of the video says it all.

Watch the video. You’ll feel as if you took a mini-vacation.

But don’t stop with a video and a 101 second mental break. Find out more about Marriott Vacation Club and becoming a Marriott timeshare owner.

Don’t just daydream about time off. Start really living your life. Take ownership in your next vacation.