Marriott Vacations Worldwide on the Rise

As reported this week in Forbes Magazine, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation has raised its adjusted earnings per share outlook for the remainder of 2012, after hitting a 52-week high. On October 8, 2012, the stock reached $41.73, reflecting the fact that Marriott Vacations Worldwide posted an adjusted net income of $8 million for the third quarter 2012; up $5 million over last year. (Read more about here: Marriott Vacations Worldwide Reports Third Quarter 2012 Financial Results).

What brought the rise in Marriott Vacations earnings and subsequently its stock value? Higher Marriott timeshare rental revenues (this means Marriott timeshare rented directly from Marriott Vacation Club); revenues from resort property management and resort services (situations in which Marriott Vacations is contracted to manage its resorts); and various cost reimbursements.

If you are considering Marriott Vacation Club as a stock purchase, there are many factors you’ll want to consider, information you will want to research more thoroughly. But the exciting part of this news in the world of timeshare is the positive message to be found here for couples and families considering Marriott vacation ownership —consumers who are looking into timeshare or timeshare vacation club membership, as well as current Marriott timeshare owners.

After Marriott Vacation Worldwide was spun off from Marriott International in 2011, those outside the inner circles of Marriott could only speculate on how Marriott timeshare would fare. While the move seemed non-threatening in terms of how it would impact timeshare owners, in today’s economy, we’ve all learned that there is the potential for things to happen that only a few years back we wouldn’t have thought would ever occur. (Read more about the Marriott Timeshare spin off from Marriott International here: Insights on the Marriott Timeshare Spinoff)

So for current Marriott Vacation Club Members, growth in Marriott timeshare revenues and stock values is all good news as it indicates that the resorts they love and enjoy will continue to flourish, offering exciting new venues and quality service, accommodations, and amenities. And for prospective buyers of Marriott timeshare and Marriott timeshare resales, the outlook seems equally strong, adding an extra measure of confidence to new buyers that they are spending their money in a way that will yield many enjoyable years of outstanding vacation experiences.