Better than an After Christmas Sale on Timeshare Resales

No after Christmas sale needed for timeshare resales
No after Christmas sale needed for timeshare resales

Vacationers who love great deals on spacious vacation accommodations know they don’t have to wait for an after Christmas sale on timeshare resales. Unlike consumer goods where profits must be made by the manufacturer, the distributor, and the retailer, as well as with a few other people along the way, timeshare resales don’t carry middleman markups.

Timeshare resales are sold at true market value. When you buy a timeshare directly from the previous owner, you are paying the price the market will bear; the price determined by consumer demand. Much like in the resale of automobiles, the first purchaser of a timeshare or vacation ownership interval bears the ‘front-end depreciation.’ Buyers of timeshare resales aren’t paying prices that must be marked up to cover mini vacations or other incentives that are given away entice potential timeshare buyers—many of whom never buy timeshare and never had intention of doing so.

Timeshare Resales are Always On Sale.

You won’t find timeshare resellers running any after Christmas sales, end of the year clearance, or other events in which prices that have been marked up are then marked down in the name of discounts and super sales. Instead, timeshare resales are always offered at their already low, already discounted market value. And this is true, whether you are buying a vacation club membership, timeshare points, deeded ownership or right-to-use property—if it is timeshare bought on the secondary market, it is already on sale.

Have you ever checked into a hotel, only to realize that you are paying a much higher price for your accommodations than the person checking in ahead of you? Nobody wants to be that guy who paid too much. With the excellent values available in vacation ownership resales, you never have to be. Around the clock, 365 days each year, you can buy or rent timeshare resales and know that you are getting the best prices possible for some the roomiest, most amenity-laden resort accommodations available.