Send Me On Vacation Draws Inspiration from Breast Cancer Survivors and Sea Turtles

Send Me On Vacation Draws Inspiration from Sea Turtles
Send Me On Vacation Draws Inspiration from Sea Turtles

The non-profit, Send Me on Vacation, specializes in providing vacation experiences to women who have undergone the stress and trauma of breast cancer and cancer treatment. Two of those women, survivors, Tammy Jahn and Joy Orichshowed,were part of 2nd annual Send Me on Vacation Fundraiser event at the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Tammy Jahn, the group’s spokesperson and former recipient of a Send Me on Vacation Getaway, explains, “Treating cancer consumes your life and often the lives of those you love. It changes everything about you and challenges your abilities in ways you never imagined. For me, the gift of a survivor vacation was my ah-ha moment, you know the one Oprah talks about; the one experience that really changes your life!”

2nd Annual Send Me On Vacation Fundraiser Event

During the Send Me on Vacation  2nd Annual Fundraiser, guest participants enjoyed a golf tournament, the inspired cuisine of Tremonte Restaurante at the Grand Mayan Resort in Riviera Maya,  and a sea turtle release, in which hundreds of day-old baby sea turtles gained a second chance at life—the opportunity to start a new life–by being released into the ocean. Lisa Wanzenried, Send Me On Vacation’s President says, “Starting a new life is very symbolic to our organization. Our mission is to provide a well-deserved vacation to breast cancer survivors. In theory we believe in the power that a vacation has to restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize a survivor’s body, mind, and spirit, resulting in a new cancer-free life.”

The more than 500 members of Send Me on Vacation support this important cause in honor of the over 2.4 million breast cancer survivors who have transitioned from cancer patient to cancer survivor. 18 companies, including sponsored golf holes during the fundraiser event golf tournament. Two companies, Groupo Mayan and SFX Preferred Resort, repeated their generosity as primary sponsors again at the 2012 SMOV Annual Event.

“We have been blessed with amazing supporters from sponsors to volunteers to recipients. The honor of giving the gift of a new beginning to so many amazing survivors is priceless,” says Cathy Backus, the group’s Chairman and founder. “Outstanding contributors such as Valentino Dancher and Doug Saunders (Grand Mayan: Riviera Maya and Cory Phelps (San Francisco Exchange) make our mission possible. along with over 18 companies throughout the US and Mexico in shared ownership industry.”
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