US Timeshare Destinations are 7 of Top 10 Hispanic Vacation Spots
7 of top 10 Hispanic travel destinations are also top US timeshare locations.

According to booking data released by, seven of the top ten vacation destinations selected by Hispanic travelers who reside in the United States are all destinations within the US. These locations also represent the leading areas for US timeshare. Claiming the top spots in order, 1 through 4, are: Orlando, Miami, New York, and Las Vegas.

Mandala Research, a market research firm that provides travel market research products, services, and analysis to companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, thinks part of the attraction of these cities may be family related. Identifying that family travel is important to Hispanic travelers; Mandala sees the fact that these cities all have large Hispanic populations as part of their appeal. Additionally, all four are already top tourist destinations, loaded with great options in entertainment, dining, timeshare resorts, and attractions, while three of the four also offer excellent year-round climates.

Top Vacation Destinations among US Hispanic Travelers

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Miami, Florida
  3. New York, New York
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  8. Los Angeles, California
  9. San Antonio, Texas
  10. Santiago, Chile

US Timeshare and the Hispanic Traveler

In an article titled, “HISPANICS IN TRAVEL CAUCUS: MORE EDUCATION IS NEEDED,” written last fall by Maria Lenhart, the Hispanic market (some 30 percent of the US population) is described as significant and growing. But even that statement is misleading as most Hispanics do not identify with the term ‘Hispanic,’ but are more likely to identify with their country of origin, whether that is Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, etc., despite the fact that the majority of US Hispanics were born in in the US.

Glenn Llopis, CEO of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, says, “The Hispanic market is wide open, but you cannot ignore the cultural nuances,” he said. “Hispanics don’t want to be sold – they want you to invest in their cultural relevancy. It’s not just about having a bilingual website and marketing materials.”

Olga Ramudo, chair of the ASTA-NTA Hispanic Business Development Task Force, describes US Hispanic travelers as traveling, “…in herds, not small groups,” and needing “… suites that are big enough for our families.” Sounds like a perfect match for timeshare accommodations, doesn’t it?

Offering spacious accommodations with resorts that make it easy for family members of all ages to enjoy themselves, US timeshare resorts are an ideal match for the vacationing US Hispanic community.

And in the spirit of relationship building, what vacation location is a better fit than becoming the owner of a US timeshare where the whole family—no matter how big that family may be—can enjoy the fun of dining, cooking, relaxing, and vacationing together.

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