DAE Timeshare Exchange Expanding Opportunities for Gold Advantage Members


 DAE Timeshare Exchange expanding options for Australian timeshare owners
DAE Timeshare Exchange expanding options for Australian timeshare owners.

One of the many things that Dial An Exchange (DAE) timeshare exchange members love is that the benefits of DAE membership just keep getting better and better. Now DAE timeshare exchange is expanding its exclusive Gold Advantage Program in Australia to include the addition of discounted tour opportunities as well as the many holiday and vacation options already offered.

If you are an Australian member of the Dial An Exchange Gold Advantage Program, you are now eligible to receive a discount valued at AU$1,000 per couple on the price of booking with two of Australia’s leading tour operators, AAT Kings and Insight Vacations.

DAE CEO Francis Taylor explains, “We understand that flexibility is very important to our members since they want as many travel options as possible. Some may want to go on an extended tour rather than elect to stay at a resort and this is a way we can give them tangible value in return for that choice.”

To take advantage of this bonus, Australian members of Dial An Exchange timeshare exchange should go to the tour operator’s website (either Insight Vacations or AAT Kings), choose their tour, and then contact DAE with the tour details at the time they deposit a one week timeshare ownership interval. Additional exchange fees as well as certain discounts may also apply.

Benefits of Timeshare Exchange with Dial An Exchange

  • All timeshare owners are eligible to be members of Dial An Exchange.
  • Dial An Exchange’s program is available with no cost or upfront fee for depositing timeshare, banking timeshare, or for requesting resort availability.
  • Regular membership includes a three-year credit to exchange a banked timeshare week.
  • Owners who are members of other timeshare exchange programs are not restricted from also becoming DAE members.
  • Once a DAE basic account (no fee to join) is established, all regular membership benefits become available to the owner.
  • The DAE Gold Advantage membership program, which does charge certain fees, also provides additional benefits in the form of discounts on exchange fees, discounts on bonus weeks, 14-day advance access to newly deposited weeks, and special car rental rates with Thrifty.