Wyndham Destinations Announces Timeshare Exchange Program Rebranding

Wyndham has just rebranded its Dial An Exchange (DAE) program to include new and improved benefits such as the ability for its timeshare owners to exchange their vacation ownership for other vacation experiences. [Read more…]

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Dial An Exchange Adds New Affiliated Resorts in China

Dial An Exchange, one of the world’s top timeshare exchange brands, has added new exchange options for its members in the emerging timeshare market of China. Three new resorts in the country’s northern regions will be debuting on DAE China’s exchange network, promising greater access to Chinese vacations for DAE members around the globe. [Read more…]

DAE China Fundraises for Education Charity

DAE China Fundraises for Education Charity

DAE China Raises Money for ChairtyToday, DAE China announced in a press release that they have fundraised over $4,000 for a local charity.

DAE China partnered with Pacific Sunrise for a philanthropy event to raise money for the Pearl Retrieving Project, an organization that helps underprivileged high school students to continue their education.

Since their founding in 2004, Pearl Retrieving Project has helped over 40,000 students to continue to learn through educational services.

This particular fundraiser, “Relay of Love, Youth Carry On”, was a charity sales event hosted at the Hui Da Business Park located in Shanghai. In total, the charity event fundraised $4,200.

Head of DAE China, Yang Chen saw the occasion as a chance for DAE China to support an organization which has such a positive impact on their local community. With the Pearl Retrieving Project, DAE China’s contribution could actually be felt within the community, and possibly educate students that may one day work for the company.

DAE China and Guests at Relay of Love

“When business is expanding, social responsibility also grows,” shared Mr. Chen. “DAE is a company that not only measures success by the number of members we have, but how we can make a difference to those members’ lives and the lives of others.

“DAE China strives to give back whenever possible, and we call upon more enterprises and individuals to do the same. We’d like to see more positive energy dedicated to building a better community as a whole.”

As the vacation ownership demand continues to grow in China, we expect to hear more about DAE China and their positive impact on the timeshare industry.

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DAE Group Timeshare Exchange Continues to Make News with Growth and Expansion

DAE Group Timeshare Exchange Continues to Make News with Growth and Expansion

James Mulvaney, DAE Timeshare Exchange
James Mulvaney, new Chief Information Officer for DAE Timeshare Exchange

Which timeshare exchange and vacation services company is in the news most often? These days, it seems to be Dial An Exchange, the DAE Group. This week the company announced the appointment of James Mulvaney as the new Chief Information Officer for DAE.

DAE Group CEO, Francis Taylor, speaks to Mulvaney’s appointment, saying, “We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable, passionate professional with 25 years in the IT industry join our team as we move into new markets and expand our capabilities. We are delighted to welcome James Mulvaney as the Chief Information Officer for the DAE.”

Describing James Mulvaney’s new role as both strategic and operational, Taylor adds that Mulvaney will focus on “practical innovation to position DAE as a global leader in information systems.”

James Mulvaney has extensive experience in strategic communications that reaches across several industries, including vacation ownership and timeshare. Mulvaney says, “I am very excited to become a permanent fixture in the timeshare industry and to work with one of the leading organizations in the market. My role will be to develop a professional, efficient, and communicative department, centered around Information Services (IS), rather than physical technology.

Elaborating, Mulvaney explains, “Primarily my team will deliver business aligned information services and contemporary solutions to benefit DAE internally, as well as improving the user experience for industry partners and members.

“This will involve assessing and removing constraints associated with traditional technology, while simultaneously establishing new systems that enable DAE’s business growth.

“Cloud Computing, particularly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will become the key component of Information Services Delivery, and ultimately play a core role in DAE’s global expansion strategies.

“My goal is to develop DAE’s IS department as a “Centre of Excellence” that leads by example to DAE and the wider industry, and, most importantly, helps it continue as a fun and attractive organization to work with.”

Dynamic growth and advancement has been the best way to describe all that is happening at DAE recently. And with the new appointment of James Mulvaney, it looks as if the exciting developments and changes are only going to continue.