Executive Quest, Inc. Looks at Salaries in Timeshare and Vacation Ownership

Executive Quest Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Salary Survey

Executive Quest Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Salary Survey

Last week Keith W. Trowbridge, Ph.D. president of Executive Quest, Inc. announced it’s time again for the annual timeshare salary survey. Each year, Executive Quest analyzes salaries paid in the timeshare, vacation ownership, fractional, shared ownership, and hospitality industry.

Drawing from a base of more than 27,000 timeshare and vacation ownership employees who are also subscribers to the Executive Quest newsletter, the survey will not only look at salaries, but at commissions, perks, bonuses, and other forms of tangible employee benefits. Although harder to track and compare, the survey looks at non-cash perks such as life and health insurance, a company car, company contributions made to a 401(k), housing for family and guests, and other types of employees rewards and incentives. Even relocation benefits are applicable as a company provided perk.

The 2013 Executive Quest Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Salary Report

Figures reported in the 2013 Executive Quest timeshare and vacation ownership salary survey report will reflect timeshare earnings and benefits from 2012. Keith Trowbridge has said that Executive Quest anticipates that the reported salaries will reflect the bounce back the timeshare and vacation ownership industries have experienced following the economic recession.

Everyone in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry is encouraged to participate. The findings of the survey  provide a valuable benchmark for human resources departments and executive benefits committees throughout the industry. Participants receive a copy of the results for their category. The full report is available for purchase.

Contact Keith at 239-454-1100 or Jim Perkins at 936-856-3983 to learn more.