C.A.R.E. Resort Exchangers Wants to Know, Are You Satisfied?

C.A.R.E. launches satisfaction survey

C.A.R.E. (Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers) has launched its CustomerCount (SM) survey, sent to hundreds of C.A.R.E. members, many of whom are part of the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. The goal of the survey is to “check the pulse” of the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers on a variety of issues.

C.A.R.E. member companies currently offer over 2500 vacation properties and service approximately one million timeshare and vacation owners and members. C.A.R.E. members can be found in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The survey was distributed via an email invitation that included directions to a secure site for survey responses.

The CustomerCount Online Feedback process has been customized for this survey. The process starts via the email invitations and reminders and continues through on-line reporting and analysis 24/7. Originally designed by Mobius Vendor Partners, the Online Feedback system collects and measures feedback from customers and can be customized for other market measuring campaigns as well. Mobius Vendor Partners, an active member of ARDA, is a 14-year-old business process design and management company specializing in servicing the needs of the timeshare industry.

David M. Dawson, vice president of the board of directors of C.A.R.E. explains, “We felt it very important to ascertain what our members are thinking in regards to their C.A.R.E. membership and C.A.R.E. conferences. Some of the topics covered in the survey included issues such as location, duration and educational content of the bi-annual conferences. This feedback system from CustomerCount will give us data which will be reviewed at our winter board meeting. We are looking forward to the results which will help improve our organization going forward.”

C.A.R. E. Connections Magazine will publish the results of the survey in its next issue.