Travel To Go Luncheon Serves Timeshare Execs Authentic Fun with Faux Paris Hilton

You can’t go to Beverly Hills without expecting a few celebrity sightings. Travel To Go did not disappoint at the luncheon it hosted as a Gold Sponsor of GNEX 2013, supplying a Paris Hilton lookalike for personal meet-and-greets and photo-ops by all the luncheon attendees including the Realty and Sell My Timeshare NOW representatives in attendance.

Hosted by Travel To Go for more than 190 guests, the luncheon was held at McCormick & Schmick’s. As Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group explained, “It was wonderful to have Travel To Go return as Gold Sponsor for GNEX 2013 and the added twist they included this year for the lunch they hosted was a big hit with all that attended. We really enjoyed the extra layer of fun that the Travel To Go team brought to the conference.”

Jeanette Bunn, President of Travel To Go said, “We were extremely excited to once again participate at GNEX, while taking our sponsorship support to the next level. The Gold Sponsorship level at GNEX 2013 allowed us to showcase the forward thinking, out-of-the-box approach Travel To Go brings to the products and services we create and fulfill.”

For 23 years, Travel To Go has offered travel benefits and services to its loyal customer base, which current includes some 50,000 members.

Just one of the many events that made GNEX 2013 so special, you can view photos from the luncheon (and see who was hanging out with the pseudo-heiress Paris Hilton) at or download the photos at