Update on Bluegreen Timeshare Fire at Shenandoah

WWBT in Richmond, Virginia has reported that the Gordonsville, Virginia fire chief believes last week’s fire at the Bluegreen timeshare Shenandoah Resort started in the kitchen of the timeshare resort.  The fire occurred early Sunday morning, March 17, at the Bluegreen timeshare property and was called in to firefighters around 1:49 a.m. Sunday morning.

Several timeshare owners and timeshare guests (approximately 2 dozen) were displaced by the fire that broke out in the building known as “The Lodge.” All were immediately relocated to other units and cabins at the resort.

The involved portion of the Bluegreen timeshare resort property did sustain serious damage and is considered to be a total loss. As Bluegreen Corporation (“Bluegreen Vacations™”) reported this past Monday (March 18), “the damage was sustained in the restaurant kitchen, dining room, bar and meeting room space. Because the damage is located in the center of the building, the entire building will be out of service until further notice, affecting 48 of the resort’s total 398 accommodations, including cabins and yurts.

General Manager Jeff Musselman adds, “We are extremely proud of everyone’s rapid response. The local fire stations were here extremely quickly, and within the hour, we had about 20 associates on the scene to assist, who would have otherwise not been on property.”

As one Bluegreen timeshare guest during the fire reported on the Bluegreen Vacations Facebook page, “I was there when it happened and I think it was wonderful how they (the staff) were supportive.”

One employee of Bluegreen timeshare was treated for smoke inhalation.