The Truth about Timeshare Offers to Buy

Timeshare Offers to Buy or Rent at
Timeshare Offers to Buy or Rent at

The truth about timeshare offers to buy that are published on our website is as transparent as we know how to make it. Yet it still doesn’t always “click” with some people. On our website, we publish in real-time, the live feed of timeshare offers to buy as they come into our company. You can check these out for yourself at Up-to-Date Offers to Buy.

But before you follow this link, you need to know and understand what you are seeing. The page, which looks like the picture you see here, is a continually updating list of the offers that come into our company through our website. At any given moment, day or night, 24-7, you can view the activity generated on our website by offers being made either to buy timeshare or to rent timeshare.

The information is simple to follow. The left column of the chart shows the “AD#.” This is the ad or advertisement number assigned by Sell My Timeshare NOW to each timeshare unit, interval, or points we advertise, whether it is advertised to buy or advertised to rent.

The second column of information is the “RESORT NAME,” while the third column is called “TYPE OF OFFER.” The “TYPE OF OFFER” simply defines whether an offer is the bid (also called the offer) by a prospective buyer to buy a timeshare or it is a bid by a prospective renter to rent a timeshare. The last column on the right of the chart shows the “AMOUNT” which is the amount of the offer and the “TIME,” which is the hour of the day that the offer or bid was placed.

What’s Right (And You Might Not Understand) about the Offers to Buy Page

On our Offers to Buy timeshare page, you can see what dollar amount people are offering to purchase or to rent timeshares. Let’s be very fair. This list does not tell you the final price a timeshare owner accepts for the sale or rental of his or her timeshare. Because people ‘test the waters’ by presenting low-ball offers, you will see offer amounts that are simply too low, but that doesn’t mean that the buying and selling negotiations ended; in fact, a low-ball offer is often where negotiations begin.

Another aspect of the information that can’t be taken at face value is the fact that some prospective buyers begin their process to buy a timeshare by making offers on several properties, again in the process of testing the water to see which owners are negotiable on selling price or other terms of the sale or rental process.

But on the other hand, what’s so very RIGHT about this page is that the information here is as real as information can be. The offers to buy or rent page is live, real time, and unedited… and most importantly of all, it is proof that people do buy and rent timeshares every single day.