Bluegreen Timeshares Wins with Share Happiness

From among nearly 11,000 entries for the 34th Annual Telly Awards, Bluegreen timeshares  is a Bronze winner with its video titled, “Share Happiness.” The 2:45 video was created in-house by the talented Bluegreen timeshare marketing team right down to the scripting, production, and soundtrack and was completed for a project budget of less than $10,000.

Bluegreen timeshares describe their Share Happiness video as, “the cinematic presentation of the company’s purpose through the experiences of Bluegreen Vacations owners, their destinations and resorts, with original video footage and original soundtrack.”

Bluegreen Timeshares Really Do Share Happiness

If you think about the plan and purpose of a family vacation, it really is about the experience of sharing happiness. The Bluegreen Resorts team did an excellent joy of communicating this message, never once talking about the number of beds or baths in a timeshare unit or whether an owner owns points or intervals… because Bluegreen Resorts clearly recognizes that as important as these details are, they pale in significance to the fact that everyone in the family smiles wider, laughs louder, sleeps sweeter, and enjoys more when they are on vacation. As the Bluegreen timeshare website explains, “We believe in the Power of Vacation. Vacations make people happier by sharing time together, smiles and memories.”

Izzy Pycher, Vice President of Creative Marketing for Bluegreen Corporation, explains, “We’re proud of Share Happiness because it’s a visual representation of who we feel we are at our core.”

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