DVC Timeshare in Orlando

Disney rumors are not always accurate, but so many resources reference this one, it leads you to believe that it is the next big news for DVC timeshare. Earlier this summer, Disney filed permits with the South Florida Water Management District (one of the state of Florida’s five legislatively created agencies for overseeing water management issues) and the permits describe “a rehabilitation project at the Polynesian Resort.”

The language of the permit states: “The work to be conducted on this site includes new parking, vehicular circulation, pedestrian pathways, utilities and fire access. It also includes the installation of pilings along the neighboring lagoon that will support future structures, redesigned landscaping and new amenity areas to serve the building expansions for this resort hotel.”

But this is where it gets difficult to sort out fact from fiction. Some sources have the additional DVC timeshare project as a big build out that even includes grand timeshare villas built out over the water of the lagoon, with private docks for each villa. Other rumors say the project has already been greatly scaled back (before it is even begun) and only will be a renovation of existing accommodations there and an upgrade of amenities.

Expansion of DVC timeshares at the Polynesian Village certainly makes sense in terms of Disney Vacation Club logic. The Polynesian Village, which was the first resort open at Disney World (beating out the Contemporary Resort on opening day by minutes) is part of iconic Disney culture and was said to be a favorite project of Walt himself. And almost all of the current easy-park-access resort properties at Walt Disney World (via monorail or boat) have a timeshare component.

Trader Sam’s Will Be Part of the Fun

One detail does look like a certainty and that is that Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort will be home to Disney’s future Trader Sam’s. Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar has already found a home at the Disneyland Hotel (California). Immensely popular with Disneyland guests, Trader Sam’s is a classic tiki bar, with more charm and personality than it seems possible to pack into a single property.

You remember who Trader Sam is don’t you?

He’s the “(Shrunken) Head Salesman” you’ve known from your adventure’s on Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Profiled as a wheeler-dealer entrepreneur of the jungle, Trader Sam will make you a deal on anything in his eclectic collection, especially if you are interested in the purchase or trade of a few shrunken heads.

Supposedly, Trader Sam, with help from his friends at the Jungle Cruise Navigational Company, built and decorated his bar, rich with artifacts and bric-a-brac collected from his years as a jungle trader. True Disney fans can lose themselves exploring the minutiae of Disney history and pop culture details woven into the décor and story theme of Trader Sam’s. With a colorful drink menu, (all supposedly mixed from a base of “Sam’s Gorilla Grog”) and a menu of meal-worthy appetizers, Trader Sam’s will be a delightful addition to the Orlando park whether it winds up at the Polynesian Village or perhaps (as otherwise rumored) at Disney Springs.