The Scottish Government Now Involved in Disney Vacations

How–and why– would the Scottish Government be involved in your or anyone else’s Disney vacations? It began with Merida, the engaging heroine of the Disney Pixar film, “Brave.” Michael Jenner, Parks Event  Content Development/Operations Manger at Walt Disney World explains, “The Scottish Government was so pleased by the Disney Pixar’s “Brave” they they approached us about what else we could do together.”

As a result, this year’s 18th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will feature, for the first time, a Scottish Marketplace. Jenner says, “We’re working together very closely to choose beverages and dishes that reflect Scotland’s rich culinary story.”

Epcot vacationers will be able to enjoy  a true taste of Scotland, including salmon, Banoffee Tart, and fine scotch. As a separate ticketed event, there will also be the  new marketplace, Scotland, Land of Food & Drinks, featuring foods, beverages, tasting stations, and entertainment.

To experience the tastes and sounds of Scotland, as well as that of many other cultures, you’ll need paid Epcot admission between September 27 and November 11. For other special events, a separate paid ticket and, in some cases reservations, are required. You can find out more about how to turn your Disney vacations into culinary experiences at

Tips for your Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Disney Vacations:

  • Don’t schedule to eat before arriving at the park; plan instead to “Taste Your Way Around the World.”
  • Remember that some experiences require reservations, such as many of the desert experiences, and the demonstrations and seminars.
  • The “Eat to the Beat” Concert Series will feature popular musicians from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
  • You’ll find  wonderful  food and beverage products you will want to take home, along with cookbooks, memorabilia and artwork. Either save space in you luggage for all the goodies or plan to take advantage of the easy shipping services offered at the Disney parks.