America Remembers 9-11

On September 12, we will go back to writing about timeshare vacations, theme parks, and beautiful resorts on dreamy beaches. But September 11 is never business as usual for anyone. The moment you see the date, the memories hit you. America remembers 9-11. You think about where you were in 2001 on this day; you recall which friend or family member  you turned to that morning, as soon as you knew…

America Remembers 9-11
America Remembers 9-11

The events of 9-11-2001 live on in American history. And they live on in the lives of people who were touched by all that happened on, and as a result of that scary day. Whether we are better or worse as individuals, we are all changed.

So we move ahead in our lives, our relationships, and our careers, each of us vowing to do a better job of making the most of every moment of our lives.

As we stand tall and look toward the future, let’s each challenge ourselves to:

  • Act with more kindness and intention toward others …and toward ourselves.
  • Find ways to impact, inspire, and serve those we know, and others we don’t.
  • And to never forget the men and women who have given their lives for the freedoms and opportunities we have today.

Click here to watch the 9-11 Memorial Service live. And visit to find out more about the 9-11 Memorial.
America remembers 9-11, each one of us in our own sad way.