60,000 Travel Services and Vacation Club Members and Growing

Jeanette Bunn, CEO of Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club
Jeanette Bunn, CEO of Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club

This week San Diego, California-based Travel To Go announced that its travel services and vacation club membership has reached a milestone  of 60,000 members.

Tommy Middaugh, Vice President of Travel To Go, says, “We are growing our membership base steadily. Not only is the Vacation Club concept gaining more traction but we also have some excellent relationships with quality distributors who are getting the word out to prospective members about the advantages of Travel To Go.”

So how does this specifically shake out?

Travel To Go Travel Services and Vacation Club is:

  • Adding additional distributors to its network
  • Adding more destinations and more properties to its portfolio
  • And benefiting from an increase in the use and sales of timeshares.

Jeanette Bunn, President and CEO, Travel To Go, explains, “As the demand for vacation options increases, so must the supply. Travel To Go continues to work towards meeting this growing demand by adding new destinations and properties to its already global choice of vacation possibilities.”

Recognizing the value of its distribution network, Travel To Go continually grows and strengthens these relationships—efforts that are clearly paying off as Travel To Go receives ongoing positive feedback from existing distributors for its levels of support and service.

Founded in 1990, Travel To Go is a family-owned business that has built a family-style network of distributors and one big happy (and growing) family of members.

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