Occupancies for Sunset World Resorts Reach All Time High

Sunset World Resorts & Vacation ExperienceThe CEO of Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences announced that record high occupancy rates were reached in 2013. An average annual occupancy rate of 85% was recorded across the six Sunset World Cancun and Riviera Maya properties.

The announcement of the company’s success came during their annual Rosca de Reyes breakfast, a holiday event to celebrate Three Kings Day. On this day, the company gathers to share traditional rosca bread (a Mexican pastry also known as “Three Kings Bread”) and look back on the previous year.

Sunset World resorts include: Hacienda Tres Rios Resort, Ocean Spa, Spa & Nature Park, Laguna Suites, Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club, Sunset Fishermen Resort, and Sunset Royal Beach Resort. In 2014, Sunset World hopes to continue this trend as they expand with even more destinations.

Sunset World Resorts CEO Arroyo Marroquín shared, “With pride I can say that we were not the only ones with a good year. Cancun and the Riviera Maya also had an excellent 2013, almost the same as 2012, the best year we have had.”

He shared that their original occupancy goal in 2013 was 83%. Marroquín felt the company did a great job in surpassing this goal, reaching up to 98% occupancy in some of the higher-demand seasons. The resorts also showed a great mix of diversity in travelers. Occupancy consisted of 38% hotel guests and 62% timeshare owners. Many world travelers came to the resort, with nationalities consisting of 40% American, 26% Mexican, 22% Latin American, 11% Canadian, and 2% other.

Later, plans were announced for new projects in 2014 including a new resort in the Tres Rios complex. Sunset World also plans to increase their promotional efforts in the U.S. and Canada, and build new offices in South America.

“Colombia represents 60 percent of the South American market for us and we are going to reinforce our office in Brazil. In Venezuela, we are initiating a new venture with Erika Garcia, CEO of Yucatan Holidays,” said Marroquín.

Sunset World Resorts also plans to create new event traditions, like the Rosca de Reyes breakfast. These new events will be for both timeshare owners and hotel guests staying at the resorts. An exciting new event will include the Mayan Tibetan Festival, which will showcase traditional ceremonies and celebrate the cultures of both groups.

For more news on upcoming events, visit Sunsetworld.net.