Florida Governor Honors Westgate Resorts

Tuesday night, Florida’s Governor, Rick Scott, presented Westgate Resorts with the Innovation and Expansion in Tourism and Hospitality Award. This is the first time that the Governor’s Innovation and Expansion has been awarded to a timeshare company.

The Governor’s Innovators in Business Awards occur every year during the Florida Business Innovators Week. The awards celebrate Florida companies that have influenced the state’s diversification and economic growth over the past year.
This year, the 30th annual event was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, Florida.

Governor Scott shared, “The businesses we are recognizing today helped create the strong economy we have in central Florida. […] Florida families can live, learn, and work toward the American Dream because of the opportunities that these companies provide.”

Recipients were selected in three segments for Mid, Major, and Mega markets. Westgate Resorts received the innovation award in the Mega Market, for County populations 800,001 and greater. Westgate was specifically recognized for being the Florida company that “best exemplifies innovation developed through product or process in the last three years”.

When discussing Westgate and the other award recipients, Florida Commerce Secretary Gary Swoope commented, “Florida and its companies continue to be the model for economic recovery and growth. Companies from every industry around the state have helped produce jobs and provide opportunities that companies in other states haven’t been able to match. […]They deserve to be recognized for their resilience, innovation, and achievements”.

Westgate was excited this receive this prestigious award. Westgate Resorts President and CEO David Segal said, “We are honored to be recognized as a leader in the hospitality and tourism industry. We had the best year in our 44-year history and hired thousands of new team members. We want to thank our Governor Rick Scott for making Florida a great place to do business”.

For more information regarding the Governor’s Innovators in Business Awards, visit FLGov.com.