Aulani Standard Hotel Rooms Now Available to DVC Members

Aulani DVCDVC owners now have the option to book Aulani hotel rooms (non-timeshare units) with their 2014 points.

When the 2015 DVC points chart was released it had been announced that a select number of “standard-view” hotel rooms would be available to Disney Vacation Club members, though it was not released when this would happen.

These units are now available to members and can be booked as early as February 1, 2014.
Before, the resort was divided between Aulani, Disney’s Vacation Club Villas and Aulani’s standard hotel rooms. Now that the resort is undergoing an expansion, some of the timeshare units have been closed for renovations. Due to the increasing demand for Aulani timeshare weeks, this is a great move on DVC’s part.

For buyers looking to purchase a DVC package at Aulani on the resale market, this is great news. Now you will not have to wait until next year to book your first week. This can also be a great opportunity for DVC members currently on a waitlist for a timeshare unit.

Disney describes a “Standard View” hotel room as a studio unit that features a view of the parking lot or parking garage. The room includes two queen sized beds and sleeps up to four people. While these units do not have the fabulous ocean view, you’ll have more options and you may save a few points.

Rent Your DVC Timeshare

For those owners looking to rent out this year’s week, this is a great opportunity. Many travelers are interested in visiting one of DVC newest locations. With such outstanding rates available for the standard units, you may have the chance to reserve a timeshare rental at Aulani and still have enough points left to book your own vacation.
Travelers will also benefit from these DVC timeshare rentals as they are usually a better value than renting directly from the resort.