More Details Provided on Wyndham Vacation Ownership 2014 Sweepstakes

Wyndham Accelerate into the Fast LaneWyndham has provided more details on their 2014 Accelerate into the Fast Lane Sweepstakes. The contest, originally planned to finish in 2013, was such a success that Wyndham Vacation Ownership (WVO) has decided to continue sweepstakes through 2014.

In 2013, 400,000 Wyndham owners and guests were entered to win one of six luxury vehicles available. Wyndham has released that four more Wyndham owners will drive away with a new Lexus in 2014. Each quarter, each guest that stays at a WVO resort will be entered to win the Accelerate into the Fast Lane Sweepstakes. The first car available will be a Lexus ES300h, the latest luxury hybrid that supports the Wyndham Green imitative. The ES300h gets an impressive 40 mpg and has received the distinguished Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle status.

WVO’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Jeff Myers said, “We love changing people’s lives, either through our innovative vacation ownership products or by giving them a chance to win a luxury car. Accelerate into the Fast Lane is a great way to generate excitement for our product, and we look forward to creating more unforgettable moments in 2014.”’

At the end of every quarter, a name will be randomly selected to win a luxury car, valued up to $50,000. Wyndham timeshare owners can also enter the Accelerate into the Fast Lane Sweepstakes by attending an owner update meeting.

This sweepstakes is a great opportunity for Wyndham owners and guests. The 2013 winners had shown much surprise and were delighted to receive such a generous gift. Wyndham executives hope that the 2014 winners will show similar enthusiasm.

Wydea Winters, the 3rd prize winner shared, “I never win anything. I definitely never thought I would win a car. It’s been surreal winning this sweepstakes.”

The Todds were the 2nd winners to receive their brand new Lexus.

“I did not believe in a million years that we would win a sweepstakes like this. It has been such a wonderful experience that just keeps getting better, and has truly been a blessing,” said Melissa Todd.

Chris Todd added, “You never hear of anyone who has won something like this, you see a name on a list and that’s about all. This experience has really been unbelievable.”

The next winner will be announced in February. You still have time to enter this sweepstakes by selecting a Wyndham timeshare rental or timeshare for sale.
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